These two intense juggernauts pulled out the heavy weaponry for their first encounter. The former champion was tested early and often by the NIght Train. Sane, not a huge man, showed his humongous power and surprised the Israeli wrestler. Jay Moore, once again proved to be a pest and regularly interfered with the match. One final distraction gave Shalom the opening he needed and caught Sane with the Steam roller allowing him to finally pick up the pin and the win. This is definitely a rematch fans and Sane are going to want.


Making his Crossfire debut, Mattick had good showing against the Infamous 5 enforcer, Rage. Showcasing some very clever ring generalship, Mattick showed he has the skills to take care of business in the ring. Today however, he was facing not just another opponent. Rage, the 6'2" - 275 pound monster used his extraordinary power and explosiveness to overwhelm the Rochester NY native in under 5 minutes.


The challengers came into this fight as the odds favorite to win their first Crossfire Tag Team title. But a training injury sidelined Primo Scordino too close to this bout and was not cleared medically to compete. The Rochester Wrecking Crew, in their defence of their titles were not going to have an easy win however. Italiano's body guard, Gary Gambino stepped up huge for his team and took part in this match, filling in for Primo and endearing himself to the fans in the process. Gambino and Stickball Tony Carboni soldiered on.

Hellcat and Rob Sweet however did what they do best. Like sharks that smell blood, they took advantage of the situation and did well to keep Carboni from tagging out for a very long time, compiling major amounts of damage in the process. Gambino watched helplessly for what seemed like an eternity before Stickball finally was able to reach his partner. Gambino turned back the clock briefly and laid a beating on the RWC in an exciting sequence. Before long, all hell broke lose with all 4 men in the ring. The famous Gamboni Kendo stick entered the fray and the RWC used it to fend off a desperate final surge from the challengers earning the Italiano's a DQ win, but the RWC retaining their golden straps.


jEWELLS Malone made her long awaited return to Crossfire Wrestling with no easy task. Welcoming her back was her oldest rival, World Champion, Kaitlin Diemond. Their extensive history made for an amazing match between these two veterans.

Diemond has been dominant this past year and having Malone challenge for the title was a legitimate and serious threat. Unlike her recent few bouts, Diemond was given major problems she had to work hard through to solve the offence of the "Hard core Princess".

Malone came within a half second on a few occasions of wining her first Crossfire Championship. But Diemond fought and defended like a champion and was able to survive the onslaught and pick up the submission victory as Jewells found herself tapping out the the crossface. An extremely close and hotly contested match saw Diemond through to her 3rd successful title defence.


jAXON jARVIS outlasted Chris LaPlante, Hell Cat, Rob Sweet, Tony Carboni, Justin Sane, Rage, Tomer Shalom, Nick Watts, and Mattick to earn his shot at Jeremy Elliott later in the day. 

Their Championship match was highly competitive with both med having opportunities to finish the other off. Jay Moore figured prominently in the match giving Jarvis an edge. At one point, referee Brady W. was inadvertently knocked out during the action. At this point, Moore and Jarvis pulled the referee's shirt off the fallen official and Moore put it on proceeded to fast count a pinfall for Jarvis. It appeared that Jaxon Jarvis was the new Crossfire Heavyweight Champion of the World. 

Just as this result was being announced to make it official, commissioner Frank Newman interrupted and proclaimed the count made by Moore was illegal and ordered the match to continue-without the presence of Moore. The manager was then removed by security away from the action. Jarvis now infuriated, failed to notice that Brady and Jeremy had both recovered. As the bell rang to continue the match, Jarvis turned into a perfect super kick courtesy of the Champ, who got the legal 3 count and win to defend his title.


How it all went down...

August 22, 2015

Bissell's Hideaway, Fonthill, ON.

  • Jaxon Jarvis wins Battle Royal
  • Rochester Wrecking Crew Retain Crossfire World Tag Team Championship
  • Kaitlin Diemond defeats Jewells Malone, retains Women's World Championship
  • Jeremy Elliott  defeats Jaxon Jarvis,  retains World Heavyweight Championship


Jaxon JarvisBattle Royal (10 men)Pin Fall
Kaitlin Diemond
Jewells Malone
Tomer Shalom
Justin Sane

Pin Fall

RageMattickPin Fall
Jeremy ElliottJaxon Jarvis

Pin Fall


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