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July 27, 2014

Merritton Community Centre, St. Catharines, ON


  • Rikishi gives Jay Moore the stinkface after he and Sexy Monkey defeat the Flatliners
  • Tomer Shalom  retains the Crossfire Heavyweight Championship
    Revelation (C)The OverdogsPin Fall
    Primo Scordino
    Marcus Ryan
    Pin Fall
    Chris LaPlanteTroy BuchannanSubmission
    Skylar Rose
    Kaitlin Diemond
    Pin Fall
    Jaxon JarvisJeremy ElliottPin Fall
    Tomer Shalom (C)Marc HaussKO

Before the Main event kicked off Burns promised that neither he or Asylum were going to be on the wrong end of a stink face courtesy of WWE legend, Rikishi.  As one of, if not the premier indie Tag Team in North America, it was not out of the realm of possibly at all that the Flatliners could shut the big man from Samoa down. Sexy Monkey came out excited and had the crowd worked up for the match. Rikishi then made his entrance to a thunderous ovation. He commandeered the mic and proceeded to promise someone was getting the stinkface. The match began with Rikishi taking control of both Flatliners as he asserted his 440 Lbs frame and his mythical power. Monkey got the tag and took care of business clearing the ring. But the Flatliners aren't revered for nothing. They quickly reestablished control of the match and their experience as a team exposed the unfamiliarity Rikishi and Monkey had with each other.  The Flatliners began to work like a tremendous machine, isolating Monkey for long durations. It wasn't until Monkey capitalised on a mistake that he barely made the tag. When Rikishi came in, the Liners were spent from beating down on Monkey. The Samoan ran roughshod over the two and was then joined by a recovered Monkey. Burns fell victim to a crescent kick from Rikishi and found himself down and out in the corner. Monkey had managed to tie up Asylum on the outside. Burns was a dead man and Rikishi loomed over his prone body. With crowd screaming in delite, Rikishi delivered the stinkface to Burns. Pulling humn out of the corner, Rikishi then hit a huge Rock Bottom on Burns to Pick up the win.

During their celebration, Jay Moore and the entire Infamous 5 came out. Moore got in Rikishi's face claimed the big man was only in it for the money. Rikishi cut him off and reminded him that it's all about the fans and then wound up and punched more the head, prompting the gang to attack him and monkey. Chris LaPlante and Jeremy Elliott came in for the save and suddenly only Jay Moore was left in the ring surrounded by LaPlante, Elliott, Monkey and Rikishi. Too see whay happened next, watch the video's below!

Rikishi & Sexy Monkey VS The Flatliners (Burns & Asylum)

The last man standing match was a no DQ brutal affair between Champion Tomer Shalom and former Champ Marc Hauss. With the infamous Five in proximity Hauss had his work cut out for him. Rabi, Moore, Rage, and Jarvis were never a mere couple of feet from getting their hands on him. But Hauss was up to the task keeping them at bay while keeping Shalom inside the ring for the most part. Steel chairs and a ladder were utilized by both combatants. But it was a roll of tape that was almost the difference maker. Hauss had taped Shaloms arm to the ropes and had free reign to pummel away at him until the champ was down and out. Edington James reached the count of 9 before being spun around by Rage breaking the count. Rage then blind Sided Hauss with massive Rage Bomb. Tomer was then picked up and draped over the top rope while Hauss couldn't recover by the count of 10. Your winner and still World Heavyweight Champion, Tomer Shalom.

Tomer Shalom (c) VS Marc Hauss (Last man standing match)

for the Crossfire World Heavyweight Championship

Arguably the best rivalry in the women's division in all of Canada right now, the Kaitlin Diemond and Skylar Rose collision continued to bubble at Bring the Heat 3. In their previous match at Meltdown 2014, Diemond feigned a knee injury in an attempt to steal a win from Rose. This time, the Anti Diva went after Roses knee relentlessly. At one point, Diemond locked on a figure 4 around the ring post trying to pull Roses legs off onto the floor. Rose was able to turn the tides in a desperation move hitting "Every Roses Thorn". It was enough to get her back in the match and connect with the super kick for her 2nd consecutive win over her nemesis.

Skylar Rose VS The "Anti Diva" Kaitlin Diemond

A hotly anticipated showdown between Jeremy Elliott and "The Professional" Jaxon Jarvis got under way a flurry of offence by Elliott. All through out, Infamous Jay Moore lurked on the outside working everything and anything to give Jarvis the advantage. Both men put their bodies on the line with major high risk attempts, a testament to the festering hatred these men have towards one another. With Jarvis in serious trouble, Jay Moore entered the fray with a steel chair but was promptly intercepted by Elliott. Just as Elliott was about to lower the boom on Moore, Heavyweight World Champ Tomer Shalom appeared out of nowhere and took out Elliott with his title belt. Jarvis got the pin and Elliott received a beat down for his troubles courtesy of Rage, Shalom, Jarvis and Moore.

Jeremy Elliott VS "The Professional" Jaxon Jarvis

Chief Ade and his manager TiTi were suspended for their attack on Ring Announcer and Crossfire Executive, Priestan Xentrideus at March Meltdown. LaPlante was then tasked with having a match against an old adversary Troy Buchannan. Over the years these men have had rivalry across international boarders. This bout was highlighted by both men knowing each other so well that they both pulled out moves from their old bag of tricks making for an exciting paced match. LaPlante would be one step ahead of Buchannan and picked up the win with a submission via the sharpshooter.

Primo Scordino VS Markus "Custom" Ryan

With his partner out of action, Primo Scordino and manage Gary Gambino were in a bad mood missing out on the tag team championship match. Instead, he would thrust into a confrontation with veteran Markus "Custom" Ryan. Both of these men put on a spectacle of power and grace in this match. They traded move for move and both had near falls over each other. Their match was marred however as Gambino got involved and distracted referee Edington James allowing Primo to take Ryan out with a kendo stick.  When it was all over, Primo got the cover for a controversial decision.

Troy "The Boy" Buchannan VS "Go Time" Chris LaPlante

After Stickball was befallen with an injury and the Italiano's couldn't compete against the Champions, a surprise entrance had the crowd in Awe. The Overdogs comprised of the "Iron Lion" Sebastian Suave and John Greed made their way to the ring. This team has demolished other teams in GTA and proved to be major threat to Revelations crowns. In a very close and hard hitting match, Revelation still found a way to remain undefeated (10-0) at Crossfire since arriving and retain the Crossfire Tag Team World Championship. They continue to break records as the opposition is increasingly becoming tougher and more dangerous.

Revelation (C) VS The Overdogs

​Commissioner Frank Newman came out to welcome the fans and kick off the 3rd Anniversary festivities when he was interrupted by Jay Moore who has very big surprise with him. Enter Rage, a hulking and physical specimen was introduced as the personal body guard of Jay Moore and the new enforcer of the Infamous 5. After taking insults and an order from Jay Moore to "Get out of his ring!", Frank Newman defied him but paid for it by being attached by the 2 and Jay Moore slapping the Commissioner.

Opening segment