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The Night Train Justin Sane blew the roof off when he arrived in Jay Moore's Pro Wrestling event in Fort Erie. After sensing the scandalous ways of the Infamous one, Sane sided with the Crossfire team and is set to debut in the Merritton Community Centre. The Infamous 5 were insulted by this choice and decided to send a man to show Sane who truly rules ring. They didn't just send any man. They sent a professional. Jaxon Jarvis will see just what the Night Train has. Will Sane pass the moustached megalomaniacs test, or will he be derailed before his Crossfire tenure can pick up steam?

Into the breach again...old enemies, new stakes. Former Crossfire World Heavyweight Champ Tomer Shalom is in the midsts of a powerplay with the residual composites of the Infamous Five. Allying himself with World Champion- Jeremy Elliott, is Chris LaPlante. Although neither of these men are involved in the title picture at the moment, this is the symbol of the struggle between Crossfire and Infamous Five. The battle lines were drawn a long time ago and the fires of war have never truly been extinguished. Shalom is very capable of fanning them into an inferno with victory over LaPlante.

Making their long awaited Crossfire Debut, the Fraternity will be swaggering out the big red ring to challenge one of Crossfire's best Tag Teams, the Italiano's. Trent Gibson and Channing Decker have been on a roll in Canada and the US, but that momentum is about to get a gut check with Gary Gambino's boys, Primo and Stickball. The Italiano's have accumulated accolades and are tried, tested, and true warriors who have seen it all. The Fraternity will have to go through them and Gambino if they truly want to graduate.

Fresh off becoming two time World Tag Team Champions, Revelation find themselves defending against The Rochester Wrecking Crew (RWC). Hellcat and Sweet were revealed as the ones behind the attack on Sexy Monkey leading to Chris LaPlante defending the tag titles on his own. RWC was also the source of intel of Jeremy Elliott's location given to Tomer Shalom who carried out an attack at the airport. It has recently come to light that Revelation Ruin was also attacked in Northern Ontario in Late April that left him with a broken arm. Scourge and Ruin have insisted they have this match as revenge. Have RWC gotten the champs off their game with psychological warfare?


"The Anti Diva" Kaitlin Diemond won the very first Crossfire Women's World Championship in a gruelling 16 minute war of attrition with Courtney Rush on July 11th, 2015. Diemond is an original roster member and has battled some of the greatest names here in Crossfire; Skylar Rose, Jewells Malone, Xandra Bale, Courtney Rush, Silvie Silver, Alexia Nicole etc. The wrestling gods rewarded her 4 years of competition with her being the very first Crossfire Womens World Champion. But the list of women who are knocking on the door is long. He first defence is against the lightening fast and electric dynamo, Alexia Nicole. Nicole posses some unique qualities that will give Diemond trouble. Alexia is young but learning fast and is hungry for a world championship.

World Champion Jeremy Elliott has faced 2 members of the Infamous 5 (Tomer Shalom twice), and successfully defended his title. Now he faces the veteran and longest tenured member of Jay Moore's stable, Markus Custom Ryan. Both men are on hot winning streaks right now and this will be Custom's first opportunity at a shot at the world championship. A former World Tag Team champion in Crossfire Wrestling, Custom has the goods to get it done on the big stage. Elliott, the MMA teacher and incumbent champ has found numerous ways to pull out all the stops to defend. This match is too close to call.

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