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Pamela Palos


FEAR of the unknown is a powerful weapon in and of itself.  The uncertainty of harm stops people dead in their tracks.  It's a paralysis double frightening like headlights of a car bearing down on you.  Only worse is the confirmation that the threat is real and the harm already done.  The only question remaining is: can you survive?

The mystery of the man from Logos, Nigeria is one very rarely solved.  He seemingly has an infinite repertoire of moves and techniques that present unique problems for Ade's opponents.  He is skilled and sharp in his execution and possesses a rare reservoir of  unorthodox tactics that make the Chiefs arsenal doubly deadly. His manager Pamela Palos is someone who should also be respected.

In a sport that is the ultimate of physicality, he adds a metaphysical component that both fans and competition are left in awe.

HEIGHT: 6'2"


HOME: Lagos,Nigeria

YEARS: ???


  • High Chief Leg drop
  • Northern lights


  • The shield (code breaker)
  • The Leg poison submission


  • Youngest Chief of Lagos, Nigeria
  • Nigerian Champion
  • PWA Ontario champion
  • Deathproof D6 winner