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From Humbling roots to humbling foes, Chris LaPlante does it all with class.  The consummate gentleman is a hero to his community and recognized as a champion of injustice.  The usually quiet and meager disposition of this man is unsettled when the peace is disturbed by people of objectionable conduct.  And should for those who choose to do harm to his fellow man; they have awakened a terrible giant.

"Go time!" is in effect when LaPlante is called to action.  Any LaPlante opponent must feel like the condemned being led to the gallows.  Ill doers that step between the ropes are to be dispatched by the Port Colborne native.  Their sins are not to be forgiven for he is not their "Father Confessor" and will receive no absolution from him.

Instead justice is often swift and the convicted's punishment comes at the tip of a fearsome and thunderous spear.  And for those who have been especially grievous, they find themselves painfully racked in deliberation when LaPlante executes his sharpshooter.  

He is both Crossfire's judge and executioner.  He dutifully listens to his jury, the thousands of fans who adore his brand of justice.  What worse penalty can be placed upon the guilty than to be sentenced "Go time!"?  

The Infamous 5 and LaPlante have been bitter enemies for a decade. Now the focus has shifted to a rivalry between Go Time and the Professional, Jaxon Jarvis. This feud has simmered throughout the 2015 year with each getting involved in each others matches and one upping each other. At Jingle Bell Brawl IV, both men look to finish the off for once and for all. 


  • PWI top 500 2013
  • RWI Heavyweight Champion
  • IPW Heavyweight Champion


      NOTED MOVES:                     

  • Step over toe hold
  •  reverse chin lock.

      FINISHERS:  Spear, Sharp shooter.

HEIGHT: 6'1"


HOME: Port Colborne, ON. CAN