TNA World Heavyweight Championship
TNA X Division Championship
TNA Legends/Global/Television Championship (2 times)
TNA World Beer Drinking Championship
TNA World Tag Team Championship
TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship 
TNA Turkey Bowl (2011, 2012)
TNA World Cup of Wrestling (2014)
Seventh TNA Triple Crown Champion
Fourth TNA Grand Slam Champion
NWA World Tag Team Championship (2 times)
Neo Spirit Pro
NSP Independent Championship 
APWF Cruiserweight Championship 
FWE Heavyweight Championship 
Fighting Spirit Pro Wrestling
FSPW Independent Championship (2 times)
Memphis Southern Tag Team Championship 
XWC World Heavyweight Championship 
ACW Heavyweight Championship 
IWF Heavyweight Championship
PWI #19 of the top 500 singles wrestlers in 2014 

Showtime is the perfect description of Eric Young. In the modern era of Professional wrestling, it is rare to find a wrestler of this caliber. His credentials are plentiful, well earned and universally recognized. With an incredible list of championships, honours, awards, and accolades, Eric Young is the complete package. His intensity is unrivalled. His work ethic, unmatched. And his hunger will never be assuaged.

Eric Young is the type of person who cannot have unresolved issues. He must compete to test and prove himself. He avenges his losses and does so with pride. He also never forgets. Showtime has once again shown his relentless pursuit of any and everything he has to put right. And one thing he has had hanging over him is his unfinished business with an old "buddy" of his-Cody Deaner.

And so when EY found out the Deaner has been lurking in Crossfire Wrestling, he wanted to come in and finish that business. Speculation has fans buzzing with rumours swirling about what this might be about. OBD perhaps? Only these two former TNA superstars know. What is known, and is sure to be delivered December 15th, is one major battle between these two elite heavyweights. And it is clearly personal.


HEIGHT: 5'11"


HOME: Nashville, TEN, USA


NOTED MOVES:Bridging northern lights suplex, death valley driver, Diving elbow drop.

FINISHERS: Spike Piledriver, Showstopper

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