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The Beast,Dan Severncame to make a statement. He not only wantedDeaner, but Moore and Rage as well and goaded Moore into the ring with for an amature wrestling match. Severn easily toyed with Moore and after humiliating him, he invited Rage in for a test of strength. As Dan began to power back, Deaner finally got through the ropes and hit Severn from behind. From there it was a fantastic match. Deaner showed why he has been to highest echelons of the wrestling game hanging with Severn for the majority of the match and making the former UFC Champion to dig down deep. In the end, the far more experienced and travelled Severn wins by submission.


The undefeated and undisputed World Tag Team Champions Revelation faced theItaliano`swith Gary Gambino with the belts on the line. The savvy Italians had control for much of the match continually frustrating the champions with machine like efficiency. Ruin was almost entirely cut off from his partner as Stcikball and Primo focused on his right leg. Gambino got involved when an enraged Scourge attacked him, frustrated at the managers constant interference. Stickball got a hold of Gambino`s kendo stick and throttled Ruin with it. Referee James picked it up and immediately disqualified the challengers who were on their way to another title.


The World Heavyweight Champion Tomer Shalom teamed up with Infamous 5 stable mate The Professional to once again try to get rid of long time Jay Moore rival Jeremy Elliott and his partner "Go Time" Chris LaPlante. Before the start of the match, Elliott stormed the ring and caught Shalom in a cross arm breaker forcing the Champ to tap. But since the match hadn't started, it didn't count. When order was restored, Jaxon Jarvis and his partner effectively double teamed LaPlante through much of the bout. But Go Time made the tag and Elliott came in hot. Shalom attempted his Steam roller twice but ultimately it was an Elliott brogue kick that felled the champ for three.



Skyler Rose continued her winning streak by getting the pin on anther Crossfire Pro debut. Alexia Nicole was very impressive through out this match showcasing an array of different kick attacks and excellent scientific wrestling. Roses experience and counter attacks ended up being the difference maker in this contest. Every offensive pressure Nicole could put together ended in a brilliant counter frustrating the faster woman. This was no more apparent than when Alexia was looking to set up her Dyslexia curb stomp only to have Rose hit her devastating ERT (Evry Roses Thorn) for the win.


Buck Gunderson made his debut at Crossfire and was placed in the middle of the festering rivalry between Markus Custom Ryan and Chief Ade. Both the Chief and Custom realizing that the best way to get at the other was to pick up the victory in this first fall triple threat. That was bad news for Gunderson as both men concentrated their offence on Buck in order to go for the win. While Buck held his own, The constant 2 on 1 attack was too much in the end. As Custom was about to pick up the pin, Ade violently bit Markus' face, and took the pin for himself.


September 21, 2014

Merritton Community Centre, St. Catharines, ON


  • Dan "The Beast" Severn  defeats Cody Deaner by submission
  • Revelation  retains the Crossfire World Tag Team Championship
    Chief AdeBuck Gunderson, Custom RyanPin Fall
    Skylar Rose
    Alexia Nicole
    Pin Fall
    Jeremy Elliott/Chris LaPlanteTomer Shalom/Jaxon JarvisPin Fall
    Custom Ryan
    Marc Hauss
    Pin Fall
    Revelation (C)Italiano'sDQ
    Dan SevernCody DeanerSubmission


In a shocking turn of events, Marc Hauss was defeated; not by Rage, but by Markus Custom Ryan! As Hauss waited for Rage, the entire Infamous Five stable came out. As they surrounded Hauss in the ring, Jay Moore explained there would be no match with Rage, but a 5 on 1 beatdown of Hauss instead. Suddenly, Custom appeared with a wooden broom handle and cleared the ring of Moore and his henchmen. It appeared Custom had saved Hauss and began talking about his and Hauss' time in the Infamous 6 together and asked Moore who's fault it was he was kicked out. Out of nowhere, Custom clothes-lined Hauss and a match was on. From there on out, Custom had the support of the stable as he continued to pound on Hauss. But Hauss began a furious comeback and was getting the better of Custom when Rage once again interfered while Referee Edington James was distracted.  Custom took advantage by hitting his death valley driver and picking up the win. The beat down continued after the bell and Moore and Custom embraced while proclaiming that the Self Made Man was back in the family.


At the conclusion of the tag match, commissioner Frank Newman announced that Jeremy Elliott would be the Number 1 contender to Tomer Shaloms World Heavyweight Championship. Jay Moore then went on a lengthy and ferocious rant on his rivalry with Jeremy Elliott, claiming Elliott and Crossfire management were co-conspiring against him and his infamous 5. He then challenged Elliott to retire from all wrestling forever should he lose to Shalom at Jingle Bell Brawl 3. Elliott quickly accepted but not before adding a stipulation of his own. Should he win and become the new Crossfire Heavyweight Champion, Jay Moore would have to retire from pro wrestling forever.