MANAGER: Gary Gambino


  • NEO World Tag Team Champions
  • PWA World Tag Team Champions
  • NWA World Tag Team Champions
  • CWI Tag Team Champions
  • NVP Tag Team Champions

ALL BUSINESS All the time. Like the Roman Empire before them, the Italiano's conquer everyone eventually. Their storied career is legendary with battles so memorable fans talk about matches from a decade passed. They've gone against every team that was willing to take them on. Tough as steel and wise from battles, there is no chance for any team to be able to win without sacrificing almost everything. That is what they do. War of attritions have been waged against them and no matter the result, the other team is changed forever, having lost something in the ring. With Gary Gambino in their corner, the Italiano's are like a corporate enterprise; always advancing towards the next opportunity, assimilating and liquidating the competition for gold. They have captured titles by churning out victories and spitting out teams without care or after thought. They have a mission: expansion of the massive shadow they have cast over the professional wrestling tag team landscape. Everyone will pay tribute to the Italiano's, one way or the other.

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