Marc Hauss

HEIGHT: 5'10"


HOME: Rochester, NY. USA



  • Conniption


  • Blitzkrieger


  • Crossfire Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion
  • NWA Upstate 6 man Team Champion
  • UPW Tag Team Champion

To hell and back  and willing to do it over again with the thought of such a journey being nothing more than a work commute; this is the mentality of one of the best in the business, Marc Hauss (AKA Marc Krieger).  The first ever Crossfire Heavyweight Champion, Hauss held and defended the title for 596 days.

He has broken a wrestling ring and carried the match on in the parking lot.  He had his right knee shredded and surgically repaired and came back within 6 months.  He is a beast, as tough as they come.  His style is whatever he needs to obtain victory.  He is perhaps the most gifted and well rounded athlete in the game today.  He is still young and adding more knowledge and skills to his arsenal.  Did we mention he also has ridiculous ring intelligence and psychology?  Well we just did.

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