Marc Hauss returned after a six month layoff from a knee injury sustained at last years Bring the Heat.  But if he thought he would be gingerly welcomed back, he was wrong.  Instead he faced the undefeated Sebastian Suave.

This one had huge implications as the winner would become the new number contender for the Crossfire Heavyweight Championship.    Suave went after the surgically repaired leg like a dog on a bone.  Hauss countered with some impressive moves that showed his knee was holding up.

The pace of this bout was super fast and filled with punishing shots.  These men went for broke as the promise of a championship match loomed large.  Counter attack was met with counter attack.  Two counts were plentiful as both came to within inches of wining.  They left it all in the ring on this night.

It was Hauss however who got the victory via pinfall.  It was Suaves first loss.  But Hauss was again helped back after the match.  If he has re injured his knee, the question now is; will the Iron Lion end up getting his title anyway?

Sebastian Suave VS Marc Hauss

Tomer Shalom VS Sik Rik Matrix

Accompanied by the Rabbi and Jay Moore, Tomer Shalom was getting his shot at the Crossfire Heavyweight Championship held by Sik Rik Matrix.

Shalom put in a fantastic effort, the best he's looked in a Crossfire ring.  He couldn't contain his excitement at the opportunity and immediately went to work on the Champion, foregoing to remove his entrance shirt.    Matrix was in trouble for the majority of the match and looked to possibly turn things around were it not for the unfortunate chain of events to follow.

Referee Eddington James was trapped in a corner and took a heavy Irish whip in from the flung body of Shalom after being sent in by Matrix.  With James down, Jay Moore saw his opening to exact some serious revenge.  But just as ot looked like some serious damage was about to be placed upon Matrix, Marc Hauss also had revenge on his mind and made his way to the ring with a chair with Tomer Shalom's name on it.

As Hauss swung for the fence, Shalom ducked and the chair connected with Matrix knocking him out.  Shalom saw his chance and steam rolled Matrix twice for good measure.  James' hand hit the canvas 3 times to usher in the reign of the first ever Israeli born C\Heavyweight Champion.

Eddington James (AKA Jim Connolly) was celebrated for officiating his 800th professional wrestling match on Saturday night.  Paul Richardson expressed Crossfire Wrestlings appreciation of the milestone on behalf of the management, the wrestlers, and the fans.  Eddington is universally respected by the entire wrestling profession and community.  His 800th was going to be a memorable one.

Eddington James honoured for his 800th

The surprises continued as the mystery tag team challengers to Revelations title turned out to be the Flatliners.  This was indeed a major threat to the reigning champs.  Earlier in the show, The Flatliners came out and grabbed the titles away from deputy commissioner Frank Newman.  Revelation quickly came out and explained that the only way the Flatliners where going to leave with the titles was by earning them.

The match was officially made and started off well for the Champs.  The undefeated team looked to be in perfect sync early on giving the challengers fits.  But the savvy and well experienced Flatliners came back and began to focus on Revelation Scourge's back.  Keeping Scourge away from his corner for the next several minutes, the Challengers appeared primed for the belts.  But Scourge dug down way deep and found his partner in the nick of time.

​The fresh Ruin came in and began to punish Asylum and Burns with a flurry of power moves.  But frustration in a hostile environment got the better of the Challengers and Asylum used on of the belts to plough over Ruin in front of Referee Mike O'Shea.  The DQ was justified but the message had been sent.  Revelation is now involved in a major war for their titles.

Revelation VS The Flatliners

"The Professional" met "Go Time"  in a very stiff welcome to Crossfire.  And Jaxon Jarvis arrived bringing gifts as he introduced his hand picked choice for his representation, the Infamous Jay Moore.  

Jarvis brings skill and power along with a cerebral understanding of the game.  And his array of attributes were on full display as he had the better of LaPlante for much of this one.  However, there can be no doubt that the  biggest fan of the professional is himself.  And he was not shy about it as he took to an in ring commentary on the announcers mic of his working over "Go Time".

And perhaps the Professional had some amateure  scouting to go along with his narcissism as he overlooked the resolve of "Go Time".  The veteran began to take control of Jarvis and the match, something Jay Moore has seen more times than he cares to remember.  And in typical infamous fashion, Moore simply could not resist himself to go after LaPlante as he held on to him from the apron to give Jarvis the free shot.  But due to his lack of gym time, it wasn't to be as LaPlante escaped and Jarvis had to restrain himself from connecting with Moore's face.  When Jarvis turned around he was initiated into Crossfire with a "Go Time" spear that put him down for the 1-2-3.  Jarvis looked very impressive in deafeat, but LaPlante was the better man on this night.

Jaxon Jarvis VS Chris LaPlante

In perhaps the most intriguing match of the night, tag team partners face off in this rare seeding eliminator.  What was seen as the diametric opposed styles of Knight and Bishop would dominate the dynamics of this match, it was the willingness of both men to use each others styles to counteract each other.  And with their names so aptly paired, this was indeed a wrestling chess match at its finest.

Knowing each other as well as they do, it was hyper tactical from the onset.  Both men took the pages from each others books and used each others gambits against one another.  And the results were nothing short of spectacular.  It escalated into a "Anything you can do I can do better" display with neither man missing the opportunity to succeed.  Bishop used moves requiring brute strength and Knight used some that would have ended in disaster if he was any bit slower than he was not.  It was incredible to see both men achieve fantastic results while in the fish out of water scenario.

As the match continued and both men were at a stalemate, they both returned to their natural and instinctual ways and the offensive output increased to break neck speeds and the orthodox turned into innovation.  Bishop eventually picked up the win here, but this contest was a superb display of both of these men's capabilities and of pro wrestling at its highest levels.

Christopher Bishop VS Lionel Knight

A red hot Chif Ade had his hands full with the returning Sexy Monkey.  And Ade was not alone.  A mysterious and beautiful woman emerged from the entrance with a drum.  She was refered to and introduced as "Ti Ti" (pronounced "Tee Tee")and she would figure prominently later in this Match.

Sexy Monkey had the crowd buzzing with his return and the goodwill and celebratory dancing seemed to throw the Chief off his focus.  But as Ade became annoyed and flustered, Ti Ti seemed to have some sort of calming effect on him.  The veteran Sexy Monkey studied the scouting reports on the Chief and employed a game plan of taking Ade out of his comfort zone and forcing the action to the outside.

As Monkey rolled back in through the ropes, Ade needed to be consoled by Ti Ti before beating Mike O'Shea's 10 count.  Once on the apron however, Sexy Monkey continued where he left off and began taking it to the Chief.  The winner of three straight, Chief began to settle down and managed a reversal and by himself some time.  THUMP THUMP THUMP- Ti Ti struck her drum and Chief became more energized.  The tides were turning.

The match continued back and forth with both men getting in some offence and landing near falls.  Finally the game breaker when Ti Ti jumped up onto the apron beating on her drum so that not only did Monkey Notice, but referee O'Shea had to address her illegal presence on the ring apparatus.  Chief Took the advantage as O'Shea was busy getting Ti Ti down off the apron; Monkey having been satisfied that the referee was addressing the interference, turn his attention back to Ade, who was waiting for him with his Shield Code Breaker.  It was lights out and Chief Ade picked up his fourth win a row.

Chief Ade VS Sexy Monkey

Meltdown kicked off in spectacular fashion with a fatal 3 way featuring Brent Banks, "Rock Steady" Alex Vega, and newcomer John Greed.  This one had everything as each of the three men had opportunities to pick up a win here.  Greed showcased massive power moves throughout the contest, which against a single opponent very well could have earned him a victory.  But in staving off the attacks of a pair of dangerous predators, Greed was forced to work at a blistering pace and began to tire quicker than normal.  A major highlight of the match was Greed with Banks on his shoulders catching a flying Vega in mid air.  Then with both men held high above the canvas, Greed put a Samoan Drop on Banks while hitting the fall away slam on Vega.  It will interesting to see Greed in singles action in the future and how his opponents prepare for his frightening power.

"Rock Steady" Alex Vega showcased a new found aggression picked up on by the Crossfire crowd.  Utilizing an arsenal of Muay Thai kicks, chops and elbows, he was quickly chipping away at Banks and Greed.  Numerous shots contacted the high flying banks and the mountainous Greed but seemingly every time Vega could go for a pinning attempt, he was blind sided by the free man to spoil a for sure 3 count.  To his credit, Vega followed a solid game plan in this rare type of match by focusing on keeping Banks grounded and attacking Greeds base.  On any given card, Vegas could have picked up a win here but his stars were just not aligned for him on this night.

Brent Banks was anywhere and everywhere he had to be to pick up the win here.  HIs blazing speed ultimately gave him the extra advantage inside this whirlwind.  He smartly maneuvered around the ring always keeping the most damaged man between himself and the fresher man.  A 3 way is as much a match of instantaneous adaptation as it is a contest of attrition.  Banks clearly had the right balance of speed, skill, and experience to cause his foes confusion and this fed into his opportunism.  It was enough to pick up the pin on Greed and almost immediately the second pin on Vega.

With this one a blur of everything, the rest of the night had a very high standard set before them.

March Meltdown 2014

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Priestan Xentrideus

Brent Banks VS Alex Vega VS John Greed

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