The Flatliners declined to be interviewed after their match

Heavyweight Championship of the World

World Tag Team Championship

Skylar Rose VS Kaitlin Diemond

A new rivalry looks to be budding between two of the elite women in the game today.  These young and hungry girls put on a clinic in front of a hot crowd that was behind the local hero Skylar Rose. Kaitlin Diemond continued her heated relationship with the locals and added another reason for NIagara fans to feel the disdain for her actions when she faked a serious injury in an attempt to blind side a concerned Rose.  But after Diemond flaunted her acting acumen it would be Rose who got the last laugh with a super kick that sent Diemond to dreamland and Skylar to her next win.   This was just a chapter in what is shaping up to be a career nemesis for both of these women.

Tiberious King VS Jaxon Jarvis

In a surprise move made by Commissioner Frank Newman, Jaxon Jarvis found himself taking on the "King of Bling" Tiberious King.  A dangerous and experienced veteran is formidable enough, but King once trained the Professional.  And train him well he did.  Both men had glorious opportunities with a splendid display of wrestling. King however was beginning to get the upper hand before Jarvis resorted to something his old master didn't teach him; cheating.  It was a hands full of rope that gave Jarvis the extra leverage for a pin over one of the toughest wrestlers in the business.


Surprises and superb wrestling

May 25, 2014, St. Catharines

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Marc Hauss VS Tomer Shalom

Champion VS former Champion; revenge and retaliation; USA VS Israel, so many plot undercurrents were raging in the backdrop for this heavyweight title match up.  With a history so complicated, this match would be unpredictable.  And the fireworks were insane.  Literally everything that could be done by Hauss to wrest the championship from Shalom was thwarted by the Rabbi or Jay Moore.  But Hauss wasn't left high and dry either.  In a surprise move, Hauss revealed before the action started he would have "Go Time" Chris LaPlante in his corner. The match was as expected and went blow for blow.  When the action got to much for Shalom, he had Rabbi and Moore causing havoc for referee "Old School" Eddington James.  In the end it was two low blows courtesy of the Champion that prompted James to disqualify Shalom, this allowing for him to retain his championship.  But not was all lost for Hauss.  Commissioner Frank Newman immediately made a rematch with the stipulation being a Last man standing-NO DQ match for the heavyweight Championship for Sunday, July 27th at Bring the Heat 3.

Revelation VS Flatliners

The rematch was set after the Flatliners were disqualified at Meltdown, leaving the impression that the challengers were simply out to destroy their foes and not pressing for the titles.  Revenge was on the minds of Revelation who were disrespected by having their titles unceremoniously stolen from them.  Revelation started out quickly and managed to frustrate the "Liners" early and often.  But utilizing nefarious tactics, the tide turned and the challengers went work on Ruin.  Inexplicably, the Flatliners once again lost composure and after using a title belt, were disqualified again.  This is was not going to stand for the reigning champs as they demanded the match to restart as they promised the fans a win via a pin.  The referee obliged the champs and indeed things got under way again.  The outcome would almost be the same.  Another win for Revelation, this time by 1-2-3.  Revelation remains the undisputed and undefeated Crossfire World Tag Team Champions.

Custom VS Chief Ade

With the hottest streak in Crossfire, The Chief was thrown a swerve after "Go Time" Chris LaPlante had to withdrawal from competing with a hand injury.  Instead, Ade would face the former Crossfire Pro Wrestling Tag Team World Champion Markus Custom Ryan.  Custom used his experience and power to punish the Nigerian Champion.  But he was outnumbered as once again, as the mysterious Ti Ti made her presence felt thought the match.  This contest was a battle with both men emptying salvoes of bombs and using everything in their arsenals.  But the addition of Ti Ti gave the tactical advantage for Chief as Custom was out flanked and distracted just enough for Ade to nail him with "The Shield" for the win.  

All Knighters vs Italianos

Gary Gambino reunited with Primo and Stickball to face their old nemesis; team All Knighters, Joey and Robin Knightwing.  It was nearly a decade since their legendary last encounter.  When Crossfire proposed a rematch, both teams were bringing old school bad intentions.  Neither team disappointed  and never missed a step from battles waged in ages past.  This was a ferocious back and forth battle of attrition with no ounce of ground being given up.  The difference would end up being Gambino who interfered with his kendo stick to the back of Robin.  It was just enough to tilt the balance in favour of the Italianos who pick up the win and the bragging rights, at least for the next decade.

Moore, Vickers Saga

The Infamous Jay Moore wasted no time and wasn't waiting for the Board of Directors decision.  After taking over the opening and insulting the Board and Crossfire Fans, Moore thought with his point made, he was walking out a free man.  Nick Vickers suddenly jumped the barricade for the second straight show to confront Moore.  After being asked to leave the property while staging a protest before the show began, Vickers snuck back and attacked Moore.  After the dust settled and the two were separated,  "Go Time" Chris LaPlante asked for Commissioner Frank Newman to instate Vickers as a Crossfire Roster Wrestler so the two could settle their dispute legally.  After being sanctioned on the spot, Moore played another card and brought in his newest find, The Professional, Jaxon Jarvis to take on Nick Vickers.  A match was made on the spot but nothing was settled after an impromptu match ended in a no-contest.

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