THE ITALIANOS vs THE ALL KNIGHTERS Speaking of long standing rivalries, here's one that dates back nearly a decade ago! The story begins in 2004, where The All Knighters made their debut in NEO Wrestling Federation, facing the Italianos. The new team would be victorious after implementing their new finisher, The Knight Rider. Fast forward a couple months, and The Italianos would win the NEO Tag Titles, which would spark a long standing and bitter rivalry between the two teams, one that would even cause the titles to change hands on a number of occasions. In 2006, The Italianos thought their problem was gone for good, when Primo threw Robin Knightwing off of a two story balcony through 3 tables in a hellacious 6 team ladder match. But now, The All Knighters caught word that The Italianos were making their way into Crossfire Wrestling, and they want their chance at revenge. Will they be able to do just that? Or will The Italianos prove that they were the better team all along?
REVELATION vs THE FLATLINERS If you want hard hitting action this Sunday, look no further than this Tag Team Championship match! With over a half  ton of humanity in this ring, there's no telling what could happen! Revelation has been on an absolute tear, currently undefeated in Crossfire Wrestling. With their strength and speed combination, they truly are an incredible if not unstoppable force in Crossfire Wrestling.
However, some would argue that they were really close to suffering their first loss at March Meltdown. The Flatliners, if nothing else, have been the standard of tag team wrestling in Ontario if not all of Canada. Their heavy hitting, high impact style have won them numerous tag team championships wherever they've gone. If there is any team that could unseat Revelation as the Tag Team Champions, it is The Flatliners.

Preview by Paul Richardson

SKYLAR ROSE vs KAITLIN DIEMOND This is simply a battle of youth vs experience. Kaitlin Diemond, the self proclaimed Original Anti-Diva, has been a part of the Independent scene for quite some time, recently completing tours in Mexico and Atlantic Canada to hone her skills against some of the top female talent in North America. If this was an experience battle, I would give Kaitlin the win right now. Skylar Rose has been on a steady rise since her in ring debut just a couple short years ago, and she has been getting legions of fans to rally for her ever since. Normally I would say that she would have the element of surprise in this match, but she was also on a tour with Kaitlin Diemond in Atlantic Canada. Both of these women have had ample opportunity to learn the strengths and weaknesses of their respective opponent on their recent tour. To me, it's going to come down to who learned just a little bit more about their opponent.
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MARC HAUSS vs TOMER SHALOM Get out your notebooks folks, it's time for a history lesson! Around this time last year, Tomer Shalom and Marc Hauss were a part of The Infamous Five together, a group that ran roughshod in Crossfire Wrestling for nearly a year that followed the path of Infamous Jay Moore. Everything seemed to be going well, until Marc Hauss lost the Crossfire Wrestling Heavyweight Championship ending his reign of 596 days. What would happen next would prove to be disastrous for Hauss. After a tag team loss at the hands of Hauss and Matrix (with an assist from Michael Elgin), Shalom made it his quest to take out his former friend. He got his chance to do just that at Fired Up, where he sabotaged Hauss and attacked his knee, the result of which being surgery to repair a torn ACL. 
"THE KING OF BLING" TIBERIOUS KING vs "THE IRON LION" SEBASTIAN SUAVE These are two guys who I'm sure have never liked each other. They are polar opposites. While Tiberious King is a man of the people, Sebastian Suave is his own man. Where King is technical, Suave is speed based. As far as experience goes, they're practically neck and neck. For me it's too close to call this match one way or another. But if you want my pick for match of the night, then, to quote Tiberious King for just a second, "lookee here!"
"CUSTOM MADE MAN" MARKUS RYAN vs CHIEF ADE For the first time since Fired Up, Markus Ryan returns to Crossfire Wrestling, and to say that his stock needs to rise is an understatement. Markus Ryan was once Crossfire Wrestling Tag Team Champions with Hollywood Hunks Tag Team Partner, "Stunner" Sean Ryker. However, that reign, as well as their ability to team again in Crossfire, was ended by The Piss Beaters back at Bring The Heat II. Since then, Custom has been quiet at best in Crossfire, defeating Tomer Shalom by disqualification at Fired Up II. Chief Ade on the other hand has been on an incredible rise. Since debuting at last year's Mayhem, Chief has only lost one singles match, and has been on a tear ever since. Will his ever growing momentum be enough to pick off a former tag team champion?