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Hello Crossfire Wrestling fans! Paul Richardson here, and we are still cooling down from the craziness that was March Meltdown! To the hundreds of fans in attendance who were able to enjoy Crossfire Wrestling at the Niagara Falls Sports Expo, thank you! You have welcomed us with open arms, and we certainly enjoyed every minute of it!

Now before we get started with the official March Meltdown recap, I would like to formally welcome the newest member of the Crossfire Wrestling announce team, Lord Hutch Henries! Lord Henries has been the voice of wrestling purists on the VCW Wrestling Showcase, and I am excited to see that he has been able to lend his voice to Crossfire Wrestling.

March Meltdown kicked things off with recent star of CBC's Murdoch Mysteries, "The Professional" Jaxon Jarvis, taking on one half of The Italianos, Primo Scordino. Things seemed relatively even between these two competitors, until a rare miscalculation by Scordino resulted in his left shoulder being rammed right into the ring post. Despite this, however, Scordino was able to persevere, being able to roll up Jarvis out of a submission maneuver for the victory.

With Crossfire Wrestling's biggest show to date, naturally, there are a lot of bright young stars wanting to take advantage of an opportunity to make a name for themselves. Two such stars were Maximo Suave and Chris Cayden, both men making their Crossfire Wrestling debuts and thus needed to get on the good side of Crossfire Wrestling Management with a win. Sadly, neither man was able to do that, as Rob Rage, bodyguard of The Infamous Jay Moore, crashed the match before a winner could be named, ultimately destroying both men in the process.

After the match, it was Cody Deaner who came out to the ring to talk about his match with the Crossfire Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion, Jeremy Elliott. After making his claims that he will be the next Crossfire Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion, Deaner then said that it was now officially his mission to get Jay Moore back into Crossfire Wrestling no matter what it took.

Next, it's a match in the Crossfire Wrestling Women's Division, as Alexia Nicole, Kaitlin Diemond, and Skylar Rose faced off in a 3 way elimination match. It became very clear from the opening bell that Skylar would be on her own in this match, as Nicole and Diemond quickly made an alliance against Rose. However, like she has been able to do in the past, Skylar was able to overcome the odds, pinning both Alexia and Kaitlin for the victory! Is the issue between Skylar Rose and Kaitlin Diemond finally in the past? We will see...

After the Triple Threat Elimination match, the once undefeated tag team Revelation looked to regain the Crossfire Wrestling Tag Team Championship from Monkey Business. It was a hardfought match between both teams, that was physical and technical all at once, even spilling out of the ring for a moment...a moment too long that is to say, as both teams were counted out. Angered at their blown chance to regain what was once theirs, Revelation took out their anger on everyone who crossed their path, including Monkey Business, and yours truly. Crossfire Wrestling Commissioner Frank Newman then offered a way to end this debate between the teams once and for all; Monkey Business vs Revelation for the Tag Team Championship in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match on April 26. Both teams agreed to the stipulations, and the carnage, thankfully, was laid to rest.

Taylor Kaydeen. Some of you may not have heard of him, but he is quickly gaining a name for himself through his high flying tendencies and his "never say die" attitude. At March Meltdown, he had a chance to carry that style with him to Crossfire Wrestling. It would not prove to be easy to do so, however, with his opponent being Tomer Shalom, the former Crossfire Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion. Kaydeen was able to impress the crowd with his high risk, high reward arsenal, however, he rolled the dice once too many times, which is what proved to be his eventual downfall, as Shalom was able to catch him, and crush him, with his steamroller maneuver. After the match, Shalom was able to intimidate Priestan Xentrideus into approving the invocation of his rematch clause for the Crossfire Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship: he will get that opportunity April 26.

With Maximo Suave and Chris Cayden getting destroyed at the hands of Rob Rage, and Taylor Kaydeen falling just short of toppling Tomer Shalom, it was down to the Rochester Wrecking Crew to make an impact on behalf of the young blood coming into Crossfire Wrestling at March Meltdown. However, two very big men stood in their way of doing so, in the forms of the team known simply as The Flatliners. The RWC put up a valiant effort, however were unable to get the job done, as they fell to one of many of The Flatliners high impact combination maneuvers. One can only assume that Burns and Asylum are next in line for the Crossfire Wrestling Tag Team Championship.

And finally, the main event of the evening. Jeremy Elliott. Cody deaner. Crossfire Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship. This match was wild from the opening bell, going all over the Scotiabank Convention Centre, until Cody Deaner saw a familiar face; Dan Severn, UFC Hall of Famer, guest of the Niagara Falls Sports Expo, and, not least importantly, the man who tapped out Cody Deaner in the middle of the ring back at Fired Up in September (although you shouldn't tell Cody that). The match went relatively smoothly, despite the odd disturbance by Rob Rage, until Eddington James decided that Rob Rage was no longer needed, or wanted, at ringside. That's when pandemonium began. Jay Moore, who was banned from Crossfire Wrestling, jumped over the guardrail to protest the decision, causing security to swarm around him. Minutes later, Eddington James gets laid out by an errant clothesline by JeremY Elliott. Taking advantage of this, Jay Moore manages to break free of security, go into the ring, and hand Cody Deaner his chain. That's when Dan Severn had enough, as he also jumped into the ring, suplex Jay Moore, and lock Cody Deaner in the same hold that he beat him with back in September, the dreaded Ankle Lock. One pinfall later, Jeremy Elliott stands tall, still your Crossfire Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.

With all of that taking place at Crossfire Wrestling's first show of the year, I can only imagine what kind of excitement comes our way when we return to the Merritton Community Centre on Sunday, April 26 for Mayhem. Tickets are on sale now.


March 21, 2015

ScotiaBank Convention Centre, Niagara Falls, ON.


  • Jeremy Elliott  defeats Cody Deaner,  retains World Heavyweight Championship
  • Monkey Business retain Crossfire World Tag Team Championship


Primo ScordinoJaxon JarvisPin Fall
Skylar Rose
Kaitlin Diemond > Alexia Nicole
Pin Fall
Monkey BusinessRevelationPin Fall
Custom Ryan
Cheif Ade

Pin Fall

FlatlinersIRWCPin Fall
Jeremy ElliottCody Deaner


Note: Maximo Sauve VS Chris Cayden ended in a NC due to Rage interrupting the match.

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