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Mean Girls finish first. For seven years this beautiful bad ass has put royal beatings on the women's wrestling landscape. And strewn amongst the waste and carnage you will find quite a few men as well. Persephone Vice has taken the throne by conquering would be princesses. Her coronation is evidenced by the gold and jewels that adorn her championships. She is a towering presence who casts a long shadow on the careers of her opposition. But power alone is not the only weapon she wields. She is a gifted athlete well versed in the gracefulness of technical wrestling and a master of the nuances of the fight game.

Those who refuse to show her respect are destined to feel regal amounts of pain. Vice has a volatile temper which commands attention to not get her angry. She can seemingly dispatch her foes at will but like all Royalty, nothing pleases her more than the thrill of the hunt. Trophies and tributes continue to pile up for her with no sign of her conquest slowing down. Long live the Queen.

HEIGHT: 6'2"


HOME: Ottawa, ON. CAN



  • BTPW Womens Champion
  • OCW Womens Champion

"Queen of Mean" Persephone Vice

      NOTED MOVES:                     

  • Double leg drop
  • Big boot

      FINISHERS:  Stiletto kill, Vice Bomb