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 October 21, 2017

Merritton Community Centre

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Channing Decker

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​​It’s still an odd sight to see Cody Deaner without the Crossfire heavyweight championship around his waist. The betrayal that separated him from the most historic men’s championship reign in crossfire history is now the Redneck Renegades obsession. The NEO Wrestling Federation continues to go after him and Crossfire at every opportunity. The first few battles of this war have been back and forth and Deaner isn’t just taking it, he’s been given’er. But amongst the chaos comes the business of regaining the title which forces him into a number 1 contenders eliminator against fellow Crossfire Compatriot, Phil Atlas. This is no easy task as he faces a man who has yet to lose in a Crossfire ring. While Crossfire unity is of paramount importance, the road back to the title must run through friendship.

No one in the history of Crossfire Wrestling has ever started out of the gate 7-0. In just over 1 calendar year, Phil Atlas set the Crossfire record for consecutive wins in singles competition. Now he is set to solidify his top ranking against former world champion, Cody Deaner. Atlas literally had his hands on the gold in an epic ladder match with Deaner and current champion Kongo Kong,  with Deaner retaining in that encounter. Since then he has dominated the top tier showcasing the many ways he can get the win over anybody. Atlas is spectacular yet humble. He quietly sets out to do his work and collects his wins as fans take notice and are drawn to him. He is a special athlete set to make the most of this special opportunity.


​​One word is all you’ll need to remember. Tarik. What does it mean? It’s the name that personifies speed and agility. Tarik means to have high ring intelligence. Tarik describes striking in a wrestling ring that is unparalleled. When discussing the best dropkicks in the world the name Tarik instantly comes to mind. The 5 foot 10 , 205 pound dynamo has a nasty edge to his game with violent intentions playing out suddenly and devastating consequences. Tarik will quickly become a household name, but he first must get past another rising star who has a reputation for stealing other opportunities like a thief in the night. 

The night Train Justin Sane does not waver or deviate from his path. He has inflicted death from above on a consistent basis. Night falls quickly and mercilessly for those who can’t get off the rails. Sane possesses freakish strength that emanates from his chiseled physique. This property adds another level of weaponry usually reserved for far bigger men. When that much power in the engine combines with runaway speed and a one track mind to victory, Justin Sane has what it takes to derail the streaking comet of the man called Tarik.


  • ​​The NEO FEDERATION has informed several media outlets that they will have a presence at REDEMPTION. Jay Moore, Tyson Dux, and Tiberious King will be in Welland on June 24th. 
  • The Crossfire Tag Team Champions the Dirty Vets will also make an appearance.
  • Referee Sam Cino is recovering from an injury after being thrown out of the ring by Channing Decker at Mayhem. His replacement for Redemption will be someone of stature and experience and hasn't been seen in Crossfire for quite some time.


​​The Fraternity is a premier tag team. But with Tent Gibson out with an injury, Channing Decker is left to alone to do what he wants. And he has been in a very bad mood lately. Whether it’s frustration of not having his partner, their recent misadventures with the Dirty Vets, or if it’s the exploits of former tag team specialist now gone solo, Rage that have Decker unhinged remains to be seen. Not to be one outdone by anyone, Decker sees his opportunity to try his hand at singles. Why should Rage be the only one to enjoy success and have a shot at the world title?  Decker is out to represent his frat brothers and show that Rage isn’t the only game in town.

The Supernova of Superstars has gone critical since his team Professionally Jacked disbanded. He also served his former manager Jay Moore notice that he is no longer in deed of his services. Reeling off a string of victories and keeping his record perfect intact have endeared him to droves of fans. Rage has been causing huge waves and aside from being totally dominant, he has firmly made it known his allegiance to Crossfire Wrestling by going straight at the NEO Federations top man, the Crossfire World heavyweight Champion Kongo Kong. He has a guaranteed date for the title and he see’s this confrontation with Decker as a warm up. Decker will certainly have something to say about that. Total non-frat move Rage,


​​It’s been a dream of fans to see the arrival of super prospect Beautiful Beaa. On June 24th, the dream becomes reality as Beaa finally competes in a Crossfire ring. Having earned multiple championships though out her young career, there was one she has yet to challenge for. There is no doubt she possesses the right skills to make a run at crossfire gold. But the division is deep with battle tested veterans. She’ll need her cleverness, her devastating kicks, and perseverance to prevail. After several months sidelined with a knee injury, Beaa has been back training and becoming stronger by the day. She has surprising strength that has caught many off guard and has a killer instinct becoming absolutely vicious in stark contrast to her warm disposition. The debut of Beaa is a beautiful occasion indeed.

The Bubble Gum Princess is one of the most spectacular wrestlers to ever step inside a Crossfire ring. Regardless of her compound size, she is arguably the toughest and most durable pound for pound athlete in Ontario wrestling. Her dazzling offense has been stolen from us for protracted lengths of time as Alexia has had to come back from 2 serious shoulder injuries, the second almost ending her career. After 2 surgeries and otherworldly grit and determination, she’s back and ready to wreak havoc in the women’s division with her eye on the prize, the crossfire world championship. It may not be long before another name is etched in gold along side Kaitlin Diemond and KC Spinelli and perhaps Jewells Malone; that of Alexia Nicole.