Gore gore gore!!! this one word shouted 3 times meant another victim had just been torn in half by the most explosive spear (gore) in professional wrestling. A rare breed of wrestler, he exhibits (and executes) with a frightening combination of power, size, and speed. There are few like him, and there is only one Rhino.

The man beast is a conqueror. His trophy case is lined and adorned with gold from around the world. A multiple time world champion, Rhino has gored wrestling legends and defeated the best of the best. 


HEIGHT: 6'2"


HOME: Detroit, MI, USA


NOTED MOVES:Belly-to-belly suplex, death valley driver, Release Powerbomb



ECW World Heavyweight Championship 
ECW World Television Championship

WCW United States Championship
WWE Hardcore Championship (3 times)

TNA-NWA World Heavyweight Championship 
TNA Gauntlet for the Gold (2005) Champion
TNA Turkey Bowl (2008)
FGA Heavyweight Championship
IWC World Heavyweight Championship
JAPW Heavyweight Championship
LCW Heavyweight Championship 
NWA Mid-South Unified Heavyweight Championship
PTW Heavyweight Championship 
PWI Ranked #10 of the top 500 singles wrestlers 2001
PWA Carrot Cup (2015)
Rockstar Pro Championship
UCW Heavyweight Championship
UWE Heavyweight Championship 
UXW Heavyweight Championship
WSW Heavyweight Championship
XICW Midwest Heavyweight Championship (3 time, current)

Border City Wrestling Television Championship
CWE Tag Team Championship
CWA World Tag Team Championship (2 times)
EWP World Heavyweight Championship

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