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Fans are the life blood of wrestling. Every year Ontario has hundreds of events. There is one special man who has seen been a giant among the wrestling community, Tor Hart. He went everywhere at any time to see wrestling. Everyone knew him, loved him, and will forever miss him and his smile. Today we honour Tor for the warrior spirit he shone brilliantly every day. He honoured us recently by attending Crossfire with his girlfriend Kate and his loving Mother Shari. Tor is remembered today and forever. 

Crossfire Wrestling is just one of many wrestling promotions honouring Tor Hart. His influence on the wrestlers, managers and fans in this organization is immeasurable and beyond words. This is why you the fans are so important to professional wrestling. And this is why we have an annual award, the crossfire cup that is given each year to the top wrestlers as chosen by you, the foundation of our sport, the fans.

The 2017 winner KC Spinelli began this tradition. And this year 2 more names will be added. Although the cup remains the same and the recognition it represents hasn’t changed, it will forever be known from this day forward as the Tor Hart Memorial Cup. May his memory and contributions forever symbolize the power of the fans in professional wrestling. We wish to thank Shari for her blessing and guidance and for sharing Tor with us, and thank you ladies and gentlemen, and we thank Tor Hart.