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Jeremy Elliott retained the  Crossfire world heavyweight Championship with a huge win over Cody Deaner in the main event at March Meltdown. The event took place in the beautiful Scotiabank Convention Centre at the Niagara Falls Sports Expo.

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Former Crossfire World Heavyweight Champion and most senior roster member Marc Hauss has been sidelined with a serious knee injury. Hauss will undergo Surgery and rehab putting him out of action for 9 months. Crossfire Wrestling and fns around the world wish Marc all the best in his recovery and eagerly await his return.

Jay Moore couldn't stay away and ran into an old friend for his troubles. After attempting to interfere in the Championship match, Moore was stopped by MMA legend, Dan the Beast Severn.


March Meltdown 2015 was an incredible success as the ScotiaBank Convention Centre was standing room only. Eight matches are in the books with some significant developments. Click here for the quick results as we await for Paul Richardson's recap of the what the largest audience in our history witnessed.

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