Jay Moore hides in audience for 2 hours, assaults Jeremy Elliott, announces his own promotion and challenges Crossfire Wrestling.

Crossfire at a Crossroads

27/04/2015 10:00

Took in the Crossfire Wrestling show on Sunday afternoon at the Merritton Community Centre. Aside from it being another great afternoon of sports entertainment, what a turn of events! Let me backtrack for a minute. The infamous Jay Moore is no longer part of the Crossfire promotion thanks to a stipulation in a previous match. So the event begins with “The Professional”. Jaxon Jarvis, in the ring with another member of the group known as “The Infamous 5”, Mark “Custom Made” Ryan. They’re jabbering at each other about who the new leader of the faction should be, each laying claim to the role, and eventually getting into an impromptu match called by Commissioner Newman. Out come the other two members of the nefarious faction, Rage and Tomer Shalom, and after a bit of coaxing, cooler heads prevail and everyone is back on the same page. I should point out that before the show began, my wife and I noticed a man wearing a mask pull up a seat at ringside. I told my better half “keep an eye on that guy, he’s up to no good!” But the entire afternoon went buy, and the masked man just sat there quietly rocking in his seat, watching the performers, not yelling, clapping, nothing. Until that is, after the championship match between the champ, Jeremy Elliott, a fighting champion if ever there was one, and the challenger, Tomer Shalom, who was accompanied by his henchmen and his diabolical manager, the Rabbi. Now Go-Time Chris Laplante, after a run-in by the Rochester Wrecking Crew, had helped Revelation fend them off and snagged a kendo stick they had been using. Chris, being the great guy he is, decided to give the kendo stick to a fan as a souvenir. He handed it to the masked man at ringside, obviously thinking he was a hardcore Crossfire fan. That would turn out to be a deadly misjudgement. The masked man, after Jeremy Elliot retained his belt, suddenly discarded his mask, jumped over the railing, and entered the ring, wailing away at the now helpless champ. Under the mask, none other than evil incarnate, Jay Moore!!!! Well a beating on the champ continued , until that is, help arrived from the back. Moore grabbed the microphone, bad-mouthed the Crossfire organization, and announced that he was starting his own promotion, and challenged anyone from Crossfire to take on his roster of ne’er-do-wells. When we got out to our cars, we saw the proof. Pamphlets advertising “The Infamous Jay Moore presents pro wresltling, Sunday May 31st at the Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre”. What happens now? Is Moore serious about this new promotion? Can he really be that bitter? The future of Crossfire Wrestling could well depend on the outcome of events on May 31st.-Chuck


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